Entrances & Backdrops

- Custom creations Available -

Brick and Fence Entrance
9.5' per section
Qty. 4 Sections
Low Hedge Entrance
48" W X 14 D X 41"H

Photo by Julie Holmes Photography
Winter Branch Entrance
Fireplace Backdrop
Qty. 1
8' X 8'
Antique Mantle Backdrop
Antique Mantle & Antique Fireplace
Floral Tree Backdrop
2 Floral Trees
Hanging Candles

Tree Base Options (Mirror or White) | Photo by Mateo and Co.
Cherry Blossom Backdrop
2 Floral Trees
Tree Base Options (Mirror or White)
French Wall Backdrop
12'W x 8'H
French Arch Backdrop
French Inspired
12' W X 12' H
Qty. 1
Black Gloss Wall & Shelf Backdrop
Black Gloss Walls
Black Gloss Shelving

Custom Print + Signage Application
Wood Shelf Backdrop
Double Sided Wall
Side Pictured: Shelving

Other Side: Barn Walls
Wood Barn Backdrop
Double Sided Wall
Side Pictured: Barn Walls

Other Side: Shelving
Barn Wall Backdrop
Barn Wall Backdrop
Wood Wall Backdrop
Studded & Print Backdrop
Studded & Hedge Wall
Fringe Backdrop
Colorful Fringe Tassels
White Shadow Box Backdrop
Shelf Shadow Box (2)
Chandelier Hook Wall (1)

12' x 8'
Custom Printed Backdrop
4x8 Wall Panels
Custom Print | Custom Color | LED Lights Included
Custom Printed Backdrop
Hedge Backdrop
Hedge with Shelving (1)
White Encased Hedge Panels (2)
White Encased Hedge Backdrop
White Encased Hedge
Custom Prints

8' x 8'
Champagne & Hedge Backdrop
2 Champagne Walls
1 Hedge Wall
Custom Neon Signage
White Champagne Wall Entrance
4 White Champagne Walls

Photo by Brocato Photography
Hedge Backdrop
4' x 8' Panels
Pink Hedge Backdrop
4' x 8' Panels
Custom Signage
Banner & Drape Entrance
Custom Prints
Variety of Drape Available
Draped Backdrop
Customize Your Backdrop
Variety of Drape Available
Candle Wall Backdrop
White Shelf on Riser Backdrop
Candle Wall Backdrop
Candle Arcade Backdrop
Mirror Mantle Backdrop
Custom Candle Entrance
Customize your candle entrance
Hanging Candle Backdrop
Street Lamp Entrance
10 Street Lamps with Fire Bulbs
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