Innovative boutique rental company offering an exclusive line of event furnishings and decor that go beyond standard event rentals. 


1316 Distributors Row

New Orleans, LA 70123


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Lounge Accessories

Red and Blue
5' x 7'
Qty. 2
Blue and Cream
8' x 10'
Qty. 2
Red & Black
5' X 7'
Qty. 4
Red & Teal
5'1" X 7'7"
Qty. 1
Pink & Teal
8' X 10'
Qty. 1
8' x 10'
Qty. 2
5' X 7'
Qty. 1
Black & Grey
5' X 7.5
Qty. 1
Ivory Linen
5' x 7'
Qty. 4
8' 2" X 11' 6"
Qty. 2
Red Carpet
Red Carpet Runner
20' x 4'
Qty. 1




Blush Velvet
Salmon Velvet
Blush Velvet Fringe
Hot Pink Satin
Hot Pink Satin
Pink Velvet
Lilac Velvet
Lavender Velvet
Purple Velvet
Purple Fringe
Burgundy Velvet
Red Velvet
Burnt Orange Velvet
Dark Teal Velvet
Blue Velvet
Slate Velvet
Icy Blue Velvet
Jade Velvet
Green Velvet
Green Tassel
Olive Velvet
Green Floral
Blue & Green Patterned Linen
Chartreuse Velvet
Chartruse  Velvet
Yellow Velvet
Gold Velvet
Gold Sequin
Gold, Black, Silver Sequin
Blue and Black Sequin
Champagne Sequin
Black Velvet
Black Satin
Dark Grey Velvet
Light Grey Velvet
French Grey Linen
Dark Brown Velvet
Light Brown Velvet
Creamy Brown Velvet
Beige Linen
Cream Velvet
Ivory Satin
White Linen
White Velvet
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